Rules of Binary Puzzle

Binary Puzzle - equal numbers

1. Each row and column should contain an equal number of zeros and ones

A binary puzzle is a square grid of cells. Each cell should contain the number zero or one. Each row and column should contain an equal number of zeros and ones. For example, if the puzzle is 8 x 8 each row contains 4 times the number zero and 4 times the number one.

Find Pairs in a Binary Puzzle

2. Three similar numbers next to or below each other is not allowed

If there are two similar numbers next to each other in a row, the cells to the left and right (if possible) should contain another number. The same applies for the numbers in a column.

Three numbers in the binary puzzle

3. Every row and every column is unique

The combination of zeros and ones is in each row and each column different. A binary puzzle has only one possible solution which always can be solved by logic reasoning.

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