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Binary Sudoku Puzzle is the latest logic puzzle game and is already a hype in many countries around the world!

Since we developed the Binary Sudoku Puzzle App people started to play the game immediately and loved it. It is a new version of the well known Sudoku puzzles with only the numbers zero and one to play with. Logic reasoning is the key to solve every binary puzzle. The comments are great and we will keep on developing the app. – Martijn de Jong and Arthur Ouwerkerk

Binary Sudoku Puzzle has some great features:

Binary Puzzle

Solve puzzles, earn game points…

For every binary puzzle you’ll get 10 minutes to solve it and to earn game points. The sooner you’ll complete the puzzle (without making errors and ask for hints), the more points you’ll earn!

Binary Puzzle

…unlock packages…

If you have solved all binary puzzles in a package the next one will be unlocked in the game and you can play 15 more new puzzles.

Binary Puzzle

…and become number one in the world!

Count your game points and check your postion on the world wide Binary Puzzle Champ Ranking (OpenFeint). Are you the new number one and will your name be displayed at the top of this list?

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About Us

Binary Sudoku Puzzle is developed by EigenSteil, a fullservice internet company from The Netherlands


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