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Binary Sudoku Puzzle has some great features. Solve puzzles, earn game points, unlock new packages and become the number one Binary Puzzle Player in the world. >> View features


To solve a binary puzzle there are only a few rules to deal with. Each row and each column should contain an equal number of zeros and ones. >> Read all rules


If you’ve found two cells with the same number and there is an empty cell in between than this cell should contain the opposite number. Otherwise there is a trio of numbers next to or below each other which is not allowed. >> See more hints

You can soon download the free version with 15 puzzles in it in the AppStore. But don't worry, we also have a paid version with more than 100 puzzles so you can play for a long long time

About Us

Binary Sudoku Puzzle is developed by EigenSteil, a fullservice internet company from The Netherlands


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